(3) Color / White LEDs on 20mm 3XP MCPCB - Mix and Match

(3) Color / White LEDs on 20mm 3XP MCPCB - Mix and Match
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From this listing you can choose from any of the available listed LEDs and we will reflow them to the MCPCB.   Wires are not included by default, but we can add them for an additional fee. 

Please note that the MCPCBs used in this listing have changed.  The LEDs must either be individually wired, or they will all be in parallel configuration (3x of THE SAME LED required for parallel configuration).  

The Sinkpad & MTN 3XP MCPCBs are both copper direct-thermal-path MCPCBs.  Direct-thermal-path MCPCBs offer superior thermal performance to typical dielectric MCPCBs.  

Because this is a custom service, your order may be delayed 2-5 business days to give us time to reflow and test your custom setup.

These MCPCBs are compatible with the Carclo 105xx series optics.  

LED Options:


  1. XP-E2 Torch.  Cool White ~10000K.  Smallest die size out of all available choices gives the smallest and most intense hotspot.  Best choice if you want the white die to have a similar size to most of the color dies. 
  2. Nichia 219C D280.  Neutral White 5000K.  80+ CRI.  Great neutral white color rendition with a low forward voltage requirement.
  3. Nichia 319AT D440.  Neutral White 5000K.  70+ CRI.  Great neutral white color rendition with more flood lumens with a less focused hotspot.
  4. XP-G3 R2.  Warm White 3000K.  90+ CRI.  Warm-white.


  • XP-E2 Red - P4 Flux Bin (80.6 lumens @ 350mA)
  • XP-E 660nm Photo/Deep Red - Group 28 Radiant Flux (375mW @ 350mA)
  • XP-E2 Green - R2 Flux Bin (114 lumens @ 350mA)
  • XP-E2 Blue - M3 Flux Bin (45.7 lumens @ 350mA)
  • XP-E2 Royal Blue - 35(P) Flux Bin (575mW @ 350mA) | Tighter Hotspot than RB XP-G3, but less overall output.
  • XP-G3 Royal Blue - F2 Flux Bin (680mW @ 350mA) | Floodier Hotspot than RB XP-E2, but more overall output.
  • XP-E2 Amber - P4 Flux Bin (80.6 lumens @ 350mA)

Electrical Configuration:

  1. Independent.  Each LED has individually addressable positive and negative contacts. 
  2. Parallel:  Each LED is wired in parallel.  You must select 3x of the SAME LED for this option.

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