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Hi! At Mountain Electronics we strive to offer efficient and accurate service, but we are a small team and can only answer so many messages each day.

Most of the messages we receive can be answered by reading one of the information pages available in the lower left corner of the site. Please do not ask us questions that can be easily answered by reading the information section.

Some common questions answered by the information section include:
-Has my order shipped? (Order Status)
-My order status says "complete", but I have not yet received a shipment notification. (Order Status)
-I just placed an order but want to add an item. What do I do? (Order Changes)
-I need to change part of my order. How do I do that? (Order Changes)
-Can I pay with a credit card, without a PayPal account? (Can I Pay With a Credit Card?)

If after reading any relevant information page you still have a question, please feel free to contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

For general flashlight information, please see the following sites:

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