Nichia 219C D320 on 20mm MTN DTP CU - 70+ CRI 5000K

Nichia 219C D320 on 20mm MTN DTP CU - 70+ CRI 5000K
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One of Nichia's newest LEDs mounted on an 20mm MTN direct-thermal-path MCPCB.  This LED gives you awesome output and great tint!

LED Specifications:

  • LED Specifications:

  • Nichia NVSW219CT "219C" LEDs
  • D320 Flux Bin​​
  • R7000 CRI Rank (~70 CRI)
  • 5000K 
  • Low vF allows for tons of output and easy regulation, even at high amps
    • ​If you use this LED with an FET driver + high drain cell, you may overheat the LED!  It is recommended to use a 10A or lower capable cell if you use a single 219C with an FET driver
  • Similar output to an high-bin cool-white XP-G2, but with much better CRI and tint; also easier to hit 5A+ due to the extremely low vF requirement
    • Check out djozz's thread for more output + vF information
      • ​Please note that djozz's testing was on a lower flux binned LED, so these should have higher output

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