17mm MTN-MAXlp HP 4-Layer PCB Driver Parts Kit - v1.13

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This kit contains all of the parts, except for the PCB, that you need to assemble your own 17mm MTN-MAXlp HP 4-Layer driver.  The lpHP always comes with a high-performance inductor. You can get the PCB here. More information here.  

Kit Options:

  • Output Current: 
    • 1A
    • 2.5A
    • 3A
    • 3.5A
    • 4A 
    • 4.5A (Maximum for 6V LEDs)
    • 5.1A (Maximum Recommended for XM-L2/XP-L LEDs)
  • LED Type:
    It is necessary to designate the LED type so that the components can be optimized for efficiency for the chosen LED.
    • 3V LEDs:  XM-L2, XP-L, XP-G2, SST-40, Nichia 219, etc.
    • 6V LEDs:  MT-G2, XHP50, XHP70
    • 12V LEDs:  XHP35
  • Driver Program:
    • ​MTN-MAX Standard: 4 well spaced modes.  Moonlight, low, medium, and high/turbo.
    • Single-Mode 100%: A single mode: 100% high only. 
    • CUSTOM:  Choose your own modes (please put desired modes in checkout comments)
      • 1 to 6 modes
      • Ascending or descending mode order
    • guppydrv Universal Rev.1: See the 17mm FET driver listing for guppydrv mode groups. 
      • Light will ramp down output on low battery, but will not shut off.
    • No Program (BARE MCU):  A non-programmed MCU will be included.  You must program the MCU yourself.  
  • Memory: (n/a for guppydrv)
    • Yes: remembers last mode.
    • No: always starts in first mode
  • Turbo Timer: (n/a for guppydrv)
    • No Timer
    • 30 Seconds
    • 60 Seconds
    • 90 Seconds
    • 120 Seconds
    • 180 Seconds
  • Low Voltage Protection (LVP):
    • 1. No LVP
    • 2. 2S LVP (for 2S cells)
    • 3. 3S LVP (for 3S cells)
    • 4. 4S LVP (for 4S cells)

Each Kit Includes:

  • Sense Resistor sized for selected output current.
  • High Performance Inductor sized for selected output current.
  • Input Capacitors
  • Buck IC Bypass Capacitor
  • Output Capacitor
  • VCC & MCU Bypass Capacitors
  • Off-Time Capacitor
  • Pre-programmed MCU (unless bare MCU chosen)
  • Buck-IC
  • FET
  • Gate Driver
  • Flyback Diodes
  • Voltage Divider Resistors
  • Dim Resistor
  • Pulldown Resistor
  • A Pair of 22 AWG Silicone Wires
  • 105C-Style Battery Spring.

Basically, all of the parts you need except the PCB, which is available here.  

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