17mm MTN-BST2 Boost Driver

17mm MTN-BST2 Boost Driver
17mm MTN-BST2 Boost Driver 17mm MTN-BST2 Boost Driver
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This boost driver (input voltage is lower than output voltage) can drive 6V LEDs, such as the XHP50.2/70.2 from a single rechargeable lithium-ion battery at an output current of up to 4.2A.  It can also drive a 12V LED, such as the XHP35, at up to around 1.3A.  The MTN-BST2 uses a highly efficient synchronous boost converter squeezed into a tiny 17mm form factor, providing the highest boost performance possible in a 17mm flashlight driver.  

This driver takes up to 3 business days to be built, tested, and shipped.  Your order will not ship until the driver is completed.  

Battery & Host Requirements:

In some build formats, this driver will pull just over 10A peak current, therefore a 10A+ continuous rated battery is required (unless you reduce the input current limit).  The more voltage the battery can hold under load, the better the driver will perform. 

For the 8A and 10.5A input current options, your switch, springs, etc. must be able to handle the 8A/10A+ input current; this means that you must have high performance or bypassed springs in your light.   This driver may be hard on your switch due to the high continuous current and capacitive/inductive load.

The driver must be soldered into the pill or held firmly in place with a retaining ring.  This is required both for adequate thermal and electrical performance.  If during use the light turns off and on, the driver is overheating and needs to be switched to a lower mode or turned off and allowed to cool.  Continued operation at excessively high temperature will damage the driver (damage from excessive temperature will not be covered under warranty). 


  • Boost Converter (input voltage must be lower than output voltage)
  • 3V - 5.5V input voltage range (suitable for a single lithium-ion battery)
  • Designed to drive 6V LEDs, such as the XHP50.2 and XHP70.2 at drive currents up to 4.5A
    • Can also drive 12V LEDs, such as the XHP35 at currents up to around 1.3A (8A/10A+ input current limit recommended)
  • Output voltage range:  ~6V --- ~13.8V
  • Output current range: 
    • 6V LED:  1A --- 4.2A
      • XHP50 / 50.2
      • XHP70 / 70.2
      • MT-G2 6V
    • 12V LED:  ~1.3A
      • XHP35 HD / HI
        • Output voltage limited.  Will not drive an XHP35 to its full potential, but good for a ~1A efficient output XHP35 driver.
  • Dimensions:
    • 5x2mm button battery contact
    • ~17mm diameter
    • ~4.8mm component height on LED side of driver with standard inductor height

BST2 Build Options:

If you are running any battery, switch, etc. that is not capable of 10A+ continuous discharge current, you must change the input current limit to a lower value.  Your entire battery, switch, body, etc. must be capable of continuously supplying the required input current.

The following input/output current builds are available:

  • ~10.5A IN | 4.2A OUT w/ 6V LED 
  • ~8A IN | 3.5A OUT w/ 6V LED
  • ~8A IN | 3A OUT w/ 6V LED
  • ~4A IN | 2A OUT w/ 6V LED 
  • ~4A IN | 1A OUT w/ 6V LED

Firmware Options:

guppy3drv is the standard option for all current builds.  It is highly user configurable (see link, below).  

1. guppy3drv (click for more information).

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