Convoy 17mm 7135*4 LED DRIVER

Convoy 17mm 7135*4 LED DRIVER
Convoy 17mm 7135*4 LED DRIVER
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Convoy 17mm 7135*4 LED DRIVER




*Input voltage: 2.8V - 4.2V

*PCB diameter: 17mm

*PCB thickness: 1.6mm

*Reverse polarity protection

*Gold plated spring

*Gold plated contacts

*Copper leads with tinned ends already soldered

*Low voltage protection


Mode groups (default firmware):

Default (5 mode) : L - M - H - Strobe - Beacon 

Group 2 (3 mode): L - M - H


To switch mode groups (default firmware):

Switch to the low mode and wait for 5 seconds.  As soon as you notice a quick blink, half press the power switch and it will switch to the other group.



Optional STAR Off-Time Firmware

This firmware will allow you to fully customize your light! 

When selecting this option, please define the following in your checkout comments:

  1. Number of light levels:  up to 6
  2. Approximate output levels of each mode.  Example:  (1) 2% - (2) 15% - (3) -  50%  (4) - 100%
  3. Approximate Turbo Timer stepdown time:  15 to 120 seconds (or none).
  4. Memory or No Memory


Off-time changes the way that the memory function works, making it much more intuitive to use.  If "memory" is chosen, one tap will always change modes and switching the light off will always save the last mode used.  If "no memory" is chosen, the light will always switch modes with a single tap, but will return to the first mode after the light has been switched off.  


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