46mm - SRK 32x 7135 Driver - V2

46mm - SRK 32x 7135 Driver - V2
46mm - SRK 32x 7135 Driver - V2
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This "drop-in" driver will give you 32x 380mA AMC 7135 chips providing fast PWM and linear regulation.  The 380mA 7135 chips will give you an approximate maximum current output of 12.1A on the highest level. 

This driver uses the STAR momentary firmware (see options below) that gives you low-voltage rampdown and shutoff, and a great UI that allows you to start in the lowest or highest mode with either a short or long press, respectively.  The light always returns to the "off" position, so there is never any guessing what the light will do when you press the button.

The driver features tabs that will need to be filed down to achieve a tight fit in your host or SRK (Sky Ray King) style light of choice.  They are necessary due to the slightly different tolerances that exist in these lights. Every driver is tested before being shipped!  It may take up to 10 business days for this item to be built, tested, and shipped.


  • 32x 380mA AMC7135 regulation chips (approximately 12.1A maximum on the highest level)
  • Separate 1x7135 channel for an extra low, yet stable, moonlight level and extra efficiency on the lowest modes
  • Approximately 46mm diameter (larger with fitment tabs)
    • Tabs are to be filed down for a tight fit in your particular host
  • Fits in most "soupcan" lights, e.g. Skyray King and almost all Skyray King Clones
  • 2mm PCB thickness helps fit in most lights

Mode Options:

  1. SRK Special:  7 well spaced modes with a great moonlight level
  2. Simple w/ moonlight:  3 modes with a great moonlight level
  3. Simple without moonlight:  3 modes without a moonlight level

‚ÄčInput Voltage Options:

  • 1S (4.2V):  This is how almost all soup can lights are configured from the factory: with 4x18650 in parallel and 3x up to 9x emitters in parallel.  If all of your batteries face the same direction then your light is 1S.
  • 2S (8.4V): Generally, 2S+ is only used in modified lights that are running 2S2P on the input to 6V emitters like the MT-G2, XHP50, XHP70, etc.  This driver has an LDO option and LVP for 2S+, but you will have to convert your light.  This conversion is usually fairly involved and not recommended unless you know what is involved.  You often have to cut traces, reconfigure cells, etc.  You cannot do this in a normal SRK-style light without extensive modification and physical lockouts to prevent cell short circuiting. 

This board was created with the collaboration of many of the great members over at BLF.  Check out this thread for more information.

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