Bargain XHP70 on DTP Copper MCPCB - Unknown Bins

Bargain XHP70 on DTP Copper MCPCB - Unknown Bins
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LED: Cree XHP70
COLOR ESTIMATE: We will try to give a rough estimate of the particular LED being sent, but there are no guarantees of which bin you will get.  These have been pulled from various lights, so we don't have the exact flux or tint bin. 

These are LEDs which have been salvaged from other flashlights and projects then reflowed onto various direct-thermal-path copper MCPCBs.  Most of these have either never been used or have seen very little use.  The color and flux bins which are known will be identified as such, those that are not known will simply be identified as emitter type and approximate color range.  

The MCPCBs are an assortment of different types:  TPAD, Sinkpad, unbranded, etc.  They may vary a bit in style, but they are all direct-thermal-path MCPCBs.  Some MCPCBs may have slight cosmetic blemishes.  

All LEDs are tested before shipment.

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