MTN 12mm Momentary Switch (for momentary / e.switch drivers)

MTN 12mm Momentary Switch (for momentary / e.switch drivers)
MTN 12mm Momentary Switch (for momentary / e.switch drivers)
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This pre-soldered switch can serve as a replacement for a lot of momentary switches found in lights, and is also useful for use in many momentary driver conversions. 

Available with and without LEDs pre-soldered.  0.8mm PCB thickness.  

Connection Points / Bridge Points:

Because this switch was designed to be as versatile as possible, there are several different connection points and possible configurations.

  • Switch Connections:  SW+ & SW- GND (SW- is ground).
  • LED Connections:
    • If connecting directly to Batt+ or from an MCU output: LED+ & bridge "LED- GND BRIDG."
    • If switching from a negative side (such as a MOSFET): LED- & LED+.  Do not bridge anything.

LED Option:

Optionally, you may have two color or white LEDs pre-installed on the switch, which are often used as indicator lights. 

Three SMD 0603 resistors will come included, but not installed (4.7K, 19.1K & 36K).  You can try different resistor combinations depending on your input voltage and desired LED brightness.  We recommend that you start with 36K---you can then swap or stack more resistors to increase the current from there.  It is not recommended to go above a few mA of current to these small LEDs.  The lower the total resistance value, the brighter the LEDs will be.  

Available Colors:

  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • White

Switch Specifications:

Switching Action: Momentary (closed only while pressed)
Height: 1.5mm
Length: 5.2mm (square)
Maximum Current: 0.1A (plenty for switching a momentary driver)

PCB Specifications:

Diameter: 12mm.
PCB Thickness: 0.8mm

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