46mm - SRK 32x 7135 V2 PCB - Bare DIY

46mm - SRK 32x 7135 V2 PCB - Bare DIY
46mm - SRK 32x 7135 V2 PCB - Bare DIY
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This DIY PCB allows you to to place up to 32 AMC 7135s, providing fast PWM and linear regulation.  Using 380mA 7135 chips will give you approximately 12.15A on high, using 350mA 7135 chips will give you approximately 11.2A on high.  

This V2 PCB revision offers several improvements over the first revision:

  • Thicker 2mm PCB means thatn in  most lights the driver will not have to be shimmed for proper thickness.
  • Added single 7135 channel for even lower moonlight levels.
  • Easier to reflow 7135 pads.
  • LDO option for 2S+ operation.

The driver features tabs that will need to be filed down to achieve a tight fit in your host or SRK (Sky Ray King) style light of choice.  They are necessary due to the slightly different tolerances that exist in these lights. 


  • 32x AMC7135 regulation chips (380mA or 350mA)
  • Approximately 46mm diameter (larger with fitment tabs)

Required Parts:

  • (32) AMC7135 chips (can use less if less peak current is wanted)
  • D1: SOD-323 Schottky diode
  • C1: 10 uF 0805 MLC capacitor
  • R1: 19.1K, 1% 0805 resistor
  • R2: 4.7K, 1% 0805 resistor
  • UI: ATTINY13A MCU (SSH or SSU pinout)

A complete parts kit with all of these parts, including a pre-flashed attiny13a MCU, will be available soon!

This board was created with the collaboration of many of the great members over at BLF and is open source hardware.  Check out this thread for more information.

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