Cree XHP50.2 3V - K2 1C on DTP Copper MCPCB

Cree XHP50.2 3V - K2 1C on DTP Copper MCPCB
Brand: Cree
Product Code: XHP50.2-K2-1C-3V
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The second generation of multi-die high-output LEDs is here!  These are all mounted on a direct-thermal-path copper MCPCB.  

This LED is a 3V nominal LED, so unlike the 6V/12V version, it can be run from a single lithium-ion cell using a normal (non zener mod) FET driver.  

All MCPCBs are copper direct-thermal-path.

Please note that the XHP50.2 has an extremely low forward voltage.  It may be damaged by use with an FET driver and high-drain 18650/26650 batteries!  You may have to add resistance through thinner wires, weaker cells, etc. to use a single XHP50.2 with an FET driver!


  • Tint: 6200 Kelvin Nominal
  • Output Bin: K2
  • Manufacturer's Rated Drive Current: 6A (3V)
    • Can be overdriven on the 16mm+ DTP MCPCBs with proper heatsinking!

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