Buck drivers step voltage down.  For example, if you wanted to use 2 or 3 li-ion cells in series to power an XM-L2, you need a buck driver.  

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17mm 1A, 1,5A, 2A Buck Driver - 2.7V - 14V - 1 Mode
This buck driver is a great budget single-mode solution for 1S-3S input and a 3V LED.  It runs ..
17mm MTN-MAXlp HP 1A-5.5A Low-Profile Buck Driver - 5V-18V
The MTN-MAXlp HP is a high performance constant current LED buck (step down) driver, unparalleled in..
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20mm MTN-MAXlp HP 4A-5.5A Low-Profile Buck Driver - 5V-18V
This is the highest performance 20mm buck driver currently available.  It can drive a 3V LED wi..
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