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Products for your soldering projects as well as solder wick to suck up unwanted solder and braid springs for lower electrical resistance.

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Solder Wick / Copper Braid - MG Chemicals Super Wick - 0.075" x 1'
This copper wick is great not only for sucking up excess solder or desoldering, but also for bypassi..
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Solder Wire - MG Chemicals 63/37 - RA Flux - 0.025"
Sold by the foot.  This product contains lead.  Please see the SDS for more safety informa..
Solder Wire - MG Chemicals Sn100e - No Clean Flux - 0.032" - Lead-Free
Sold by the foot.  This is "Lead-Free" solder.  Please reference the SDS for safety and co..
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