Order Status

What does my order status mean?

Pending: Your payment has not gone through or isn't complete, this happens most often payment is made with an eCheck/bank account via PayPal.  Some of these orders take a few extra days to ship, since the order will not ship until the payment has cleared.

Complete:  Your payment is complete and your order has been entered.  This does not mean that your order has shipped.  You should see your order status change to "Shipped" when your order ships, and a tracking number will be automatically sent to your order's e-mail address.  If your order has shipped but you have not received a tracking e-mail, please check your spam folder.  Please keep in mind that many custom build-to-order items take anywhere from 3 days to 4-5 weeks before they are built and shipped.  If you have a question about this timing, please see the custom item's product listing.  

Shipped:  Your order has shipped, tracking information should be sent via e-mail and also be available in your order history.  If you have not received an e-mail, please verify your e-mail address and then check the spam folder.  

Refunded:  Your order has either been partially or fully refunded.  This status may appear due to partially refunded shipping charges.

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