20mm MTN Quad XP / 219 DTP Copper MCPCB

20mm MTN Quad XP / 219 DTP Copper MCPCB
20mm MTN Quad XP / 219 DTP Copper MCPCB 20mm MTN Quad XP / 219 DTP Copper MCPCB 20mm MTN Quad XP / 219 DTP Copper MCPCB 20mm MTN Quad XP / 219 DTP Copper MCPCB
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MTN Electronics designed direct-thermal-path 20mm Quad Copper MCPCB for Cree XP series and Nichia 219/319 series emitters.

Each MCPCB includes (3) 1206 Jumpers to bridge the pads necessary for parallel LED configuration (no jumpers necessary for series).  The LED's negative side (cathode) should be on the side with the "*" symbol.  Two of the Pads have two symbols prefaced by *P (for parallel configuration) and *S (for series configuration).

2S2P configuration is also possible, but a bit more tricky.  Please see 2S2P configuration picture for more information.

To build a sweet quad copper P60 dropin, use this MCPCB along with this shell and one of these optics.

If you purchase a bare MCPCB, please remove the protective plastic coating before reflowing LEDs!


  • Direct-thermal-path 
  • Quad "XP" 3535 LED Compatible
    • XP-E / XP-E2
    • XP-G / XP-G2 / XP-G3
    • XP-L / XP-L2 / XP-L HI
    • XHP35 / XHP35 HI
    • Nichia 219C / 319AT
    • Samsung LH351D
  • Multiple Electrical Configurations:
    • 4P (Parallel)
    • 4S (Series)
    • 2S2P (2 Parallel; 2 Series) --- See diagram for 2S2P configuration.
  • Heavy Copper Traces
  • 1.6mm Thick Pure Copper Core
  • ENIG Plated Soldering Surfaces
  • Compatible with Carclo 106xx Series Optics
  • Diameter: 20mm +- 0.1mm; Thickness; 1.6mm
  • Huge Center Hole for Easy Wire Clearance
  • Offset Emitter Angles for a Rounder Beam Profile
  • Solder Paste Stencil Available Here.

Reflow Service

We will reflow any (4) in-stock bare XP-G2/G3, 219C/319AT, LH351D, or XP-L HI / XP-L2 LEDs onto this MCPCB.  
If you purchase multiple bare LEDs, please indicate which you would like to be reflowed in your order checkout comments.  Please also designate in what configuration you would like the LEDs to be reflowed (parallel or series---if we do not receive a checkout comment, we will assume parallel, since this is the most common configuration).  

Add Wires Service

For an additional fee, we will solder a pair of 22 AWG tinned copper silicone wires to your MCPCB (only if LEDs are being reflowed!).

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