Moonlight Special 17mm Driver

Moonlight Special 17mm Driver
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This driver was designed to deliver the lowest possible moonlight level on a high-performance 7135 driver.  Instead of driving all of the 7135s at a low level in moonlight mode, this driver activates only a single 7135 for the lowest and most stable moonlight mode possible.  The moonlight level on this driver is very low--an almost firefly level (generally well under one lumen with most emitters).  If you want a brighter moonlight level, check out the qlite driver.  Off-time memory makes mode changes and memory as intuitive as possible.  


You can increase or decrease the output current by adding or removing 7135 chips, each chip adds or subtracts around 380mA.  See pull down option for cost for this services.   


Because each of these drivers is hand built and tested, it may take an extra 1-10 days for your order to be shipped.  



*Input voltage: 2.8V - 4.5V

*Default Current: 3A (1x350mA & 7x380mA 7135 chips)

*Constant Current

*PCB diameter: 17mm

*Off-Time Memory Function 

*No visible flicker on any mode

*Reverse polarity protection

*Gold plated spring

*Gold plated contacts

*Silicone wire leads pre-soldered  

*Low voltage protection: At 2.9-3V the light will begin to ramp down to a lower mode . At 2.8V the light will shut off.  




We offer two firmware choices for the Moonlight Special driver:  The more traditional moonlight special firmware, and ToyKeeper's BLF A6 firmware.

Moonlight Special Firmware 


Mode Group Selection (ML Spec. FW):

  1. Moonlight--->2%-->33%-->100%
  2. Moonlight-->15%-->100%
  3. Moonlight-->5%-->100%
  4. Custom.  Choose your own modes.  Enter the following into your checkout comments:
    1. Number of Modes (1 to 6)
    2. Mode Levels (Example:  Moonlight-->15%-->100%) 
      Moonlight Mandatory! (otherwise you should just buy a normal qlite driver)

Mode Order (ML. Spec. FW Only; BLF A6 is only L-->H):

  1. ‚ÄčAscending:  L-->H
  2. Descending:  H-->L

Mode Memory

  1. Yes.  The light will start on the last mode level used.
  2. No.  The light will always start on the first mode level after being turned off.  

Turbo Timer (light will step down from highest mode at a designated time interval):

  1. None
  2. 30 Seconds
  3. 60 Seconds
  4. 90 Seconds
  5. 120 Seconds
  6. 180 Seconds

BLF A6 Firmware

This firmware was created by BLF forum member ToyKeeper. You can download the source code for this firmware here.  

It offers a lot of great features, as follows:

  • By default, no memory is enabled. 
    • Memory can be enabled via the configuraiton mode.  To enter the configuration mode, rapidly turn the light off 15 times in a row.  The light will then begin to blink in pairs of two blinks.  In the middle of the second pair (the third blink), switch the light off.  Memory will then be toggled on or off. 
  • A short tap (<0.5s) goes forward to the next mode
  • A medium tap (0.5s--1.5s) goes back to the previous mode
    • If you go back past the "moonlight" mode, you can enter some of the hidden modes:
      • Strobe (10 Hz)
      • Bike Flasher
      • Battery Check / Beacon (each blink represents ~25% of battery capacity)
  • Low voltage protection | ~3V step down and ~2.7V cutoff
  • Turbo Timer, If Chosen
    • Turbo Timer (light will step down from highest mode at a designated time interval):

    • None
    • 30 Seconds
    • 60 Seconds
    • 90 Seconds
    • 120 Seconds
    • 180 Seconds

BLF A6 Modes:

The driver has two mode groups built in.  To change mode groups, rapidly switch the driver off 15+ times to enter the configuration group.  The light will then blink twice, pause, then blink twice again.  You want to switch the light off between the first set of blinks, which means that you want to switch the light off after the first blink you see.   

  • Group 1: Moonlight - Low - Medium1 - Medium2 - High1 - High2 - Turbo 
  • Group 2: Low - Medium - High - Turbo

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