LG ICR18650E1 - 18650 - 3200mAh 4.35v

LG ICR18650E1 - 18650 - 3200mAh 4.35v
LG ICR18650E1 - 18650 - 3200mAh 4.35v
Brand: LG.
Product Code: ICR18650E1
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Unprotected, flat top.  Price includes storage cases!  3200mAh.  This is LG's newest 4.35v offering.  Sold individually.

This cell will keep your 3A+ XM-L2 light brighter longer than anything else, including the Panasonic NCR18650B.  In fact, the difference is really quite astounding.  The discharge curves show you everything you need to know about this cell.  Check out the comparison graphs below!

This cell needs a 4.35v charger to charge to full capacity.  The cell will work fine with a normal 4.2v charger but you will lose approximately 300mAh of capacity (~2900mAh vs. rated 3200mAh).  The XTAR VP2, WP2h, and SP1 are recommended chargers for this cell.

Diameter: 18.35mm
Length: 65.2mm
Maximum Discharge Rate:  4.8A (1.5C)








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