Convoy L6 Smooth Reflector

Convoy L6 Smooth Reflector
Convoy L6 Smooth Reflector Convoy L6 Smooth Reflector
Brand: Convoy
Product Code: L6-RFLCTR-SMO
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This smooth reflector along with a dedomed emitter or XP-L HI is what you need to build an L6 "thrower".  Warning: without modifying the reflector base, you will be disappointed in the resulting beam.  A good beam can be achieved with this reflector, but it requires some work and tuning.

Here are my steps to achieving good focus with this reflector using a domeless emitter:

  1. Ensure that your solder joints are flat and smooth.  You need a flat surface so that the reflector can sit down as far as possible.  Use 22 AWG wire (18 AWG is too large to get flat enough).
  2. Discard the white XHP70 centering ring and instead just use a flat plastic insulating gasket.
  3. Sand the central raised portion off of the rear of the reflector.  Then evenly sand the rest of the reflector base to approximtely 50% of its original thickness.

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