22mm MTN-MAX 1A-6A Buck Driver - 5V-18V

22mm MTN-MAX 1A-6A Buck Driver - 5V-18V
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Looking for a high-performance, programmable, and compact 22mm buck driver?  Look no further!  

This driver MUST be soldered into the pill or held in place with a retaining ring.  There must be a good thermal connection between the driver and pill.  This means that you cannot simply piggyback or run the driver with only air cooling.

This driver takes up to 10 business days to be built, tested, and shipped.  Your order will not ship until the driver is completed.  

Features and Specifications:

  • Low-profile: only 6mm with the Coilcraft inductor (much taller with external inductor! ~15mm)
    • Nearly flat on the battery side
  • Mode level options (see below)
  • 2S-4S input voltage range
  • Plenty of component clearance for retaining rings and a full ground ring for easy soldering


  • Output Current:
    A word of caution: due to the way a hysteretic buck converter works, there is an inherent 10% current ripple, so if your LED is only rated for 5A, it will most likely blow with the 5A option because it will see 5.5A peak current and you should choose the 4A option instead.  Most newer XM-L2 emitters cannot handle the 5.5A or 6A option.  Emitters in parallel divide current; emitters in series see the same current.  
    • 1A
    • 1.5A
    • 2A
    • 2.5A
    • 3A
    • 3.5A
    • 4A
    • 5A (Absolute maximum for most newer XM-L2 emitters; Also Maximum For 6V LEDs)
    • 5.5A
    • 6A
  • Inductor:
    The 22mm MTN-MAX is designed to be used with either an external inductor, standard SMD inductor, or a small Coilcraft SMD inductor.  The external inductor is preferable if there is enough room in your pill for it.  The external inductor offers slightly higher efficiency.
    • External ~15mm Height (Highest efficiency)
    • Standard ~4mm Height (Lowest efficiency, shortest) 
      • Standard inductor not recommended for currents above 3A!
    • Coilcraft SMD: ~6mm Height (Medium efficiency, highest cost)
  • Driver Program:
    • ​MTN-MAX Standard: 4 well spaced modes.  Moonlight, low, medium, and high/turbo.
    • Single-Mode 100%: A single mode: 100% high only (with low voltage shutoff).
    • CUSTOM:  Choose your own modes (please put desired modes in checkout comments)
      • 1 to 6 modes
      • Ascending or descending mode order
    • guppydrv Universal: See the 17mm FET driver listing for guppydrv mode groups. 
  • Memory: (n/a for guppydrv)
    • Yes: remembers last mode.
    • No: always starts in first mode
  • Turbo Timer: (n/a for guppydrv)
    • No Timer
    • 30 Seconds
    • 60 Seconds
    • 90 Seconds
    • 120 Seconds
    • 180 Seconds
  • Low Voltage Protection (LVP):
    • 1. No LVP
    • 2. 2S LVP (for 2S cells) - ~6V Ramp
    • 3. 3S LVP (for 3S cells) - ~9V Ramp
    • 4. 4S LVP (for 4S cells) - ~12V Ramp

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