20mm MTN Triple 3030 / OSLON + 3x XQ-E DTP Copper MCPCB

20mm MTN Triple 3030 / OSLON + 3x XQ-E DTP Copper MCPCB
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MTN Electronics designed direct-thermal-path 20mm Triple Copper MCPCB for the Oslon Flat White series and other 3030 series emitters.  This dual-channel design also allows you to run 3x Cree XQ-E emitters for a secondary color channel.  With pads that are the correct size (instead of using a 3535 pad) perfectly centering the LEDs is easier and the solder connections are more reliable.

Please note that there are many 3030 series LEDs that do not have an electrically isolated thermal pad (such as the OSLON Flat Black series); these should not be used with a direct-thermal-path MCPCB unless the MCPCB itself is electrically isolated.  

This MCPCB is designed for parallel use only, so there are no jumpers or bridging required for most triple applications.  To run all three secondary XQ-E LEDs, you must bridge the jumper pads.

The three large LED pads have an asterisk symbol "*".  This denotes the negative - side of the LED.  For the three smaller XQ pads, the asterisk "*" symbol also denotes the negative side of the LED (use "2-" for the negative connection on these LEDs; common positive).


  • Direct-thermal-path "DTP"
  • Triple 3030 Primary
    • Triple XQ-E Secondary
  • Parallel Electrical Configuration
  • Heavy Copper Traces
  • 1.6mm Thick Pure Copper Core
  • ENIG Plated Soldering Surfaces
  • Compatible with Carclo 105xx Series Optics
  • Diameter: 19.8mm +- 0.1mm; Thickness; 1.6mm
  • Bigger Center Hole for Easy Wire Clearance

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