12mm MTN-SLdd PCB - V1.2

12mm MTN-SLdd PCB - V1.2
12mm MTN-SLdd PCB - V1.2
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This is the bare PCB you need to build your own tiny ~12mm FET driver!  (Driver is not exactly 12mm; ears are wider but can be filed).  DIY parts kit available here.   

Should I Choose This or the MTN-10/11/12DD?

While the components and component layout are the same, the main differences are the driver outline and the non-exposed and removed copper around the component side border.

  • No copper around ground ring on component side.  This makes isolating a twisty light much easier.
  • Different milled shape makes installation in a lot of the tiny twisty / clicky lights easier with less filing.

This is advantageous in a twisty light, because it is easier to electrically isolate the driver from the pill; however, for a clicky light, if the battery tube does not touch the driver or you can't solder to the pill, then this is not a good choice because you will have a difficult time getting a good ground.

The regular MTN-11/12DD is much better in these scenarios due to the exposed copper on the component side of the driver.  

PCB Thickness:

  • 0.8mm
  • 1.6mm

Parts List:

  • C1:  10uF 0603 (X5R or better preferred)
  • OTC: 1uF 0603 (X7R preferred)
  • R1:  19.1K 0603 1%
  • R2:  4.7K 0603 1%
  • Diode:  SOD-323 Schottky
  • MCU:  attiny13a-MMU
  • FET:  LFPAK33

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