Bistro Firmware Information

Bistro Clicky Firmware (attiny25)

ToyKeeper hit this one out of the ballpark!  This is similar to the BLF A6 firmware, but with a lot more options: 

Bistro Configuration Mode

To enter configuration mode, quickly turn off the light 15+ times until it starts to flash.  Once it starts to flash, you are in configuration mode.  

Once in configuration mode, the light will give a solid flash between 1 and 8 times.  The number of solid flashes indicates the option number to be changed.  To select/change the option turn the light off turning the strobing flashes that immediately follow the solid flashes.  

Here are the configuraiton options:

  1. Simple mode.  3 modes only, with high at about half power.  No moonlight mode, no memory, no medium-press reversing, and high is only about 50% power.
  2. Mode memory.  Enable or disable.
  3. Moonlight mode.  Enable or disable.
  4. Mode order.  L-->H or H-->L (ascending or descending).
  5. Mode group.  The number of flashes indicates the number of modes (excluding moonlight mode).  Groups 1-6 are normal modes, with fairly even spacing between the modes; e.g., Group 1: 100% only; Group 2: 2 evenly spaced modes; Group 6: 6 evenly spaced modes.
  6. Medium-press.  Enable or disable.  This function enables or disables the ability to reverse modes and also to access the hidden modes.
  7. Thermal calibration.  Once you enter this mode, the light will be dim for about 1 second, then go to full brightness.  Once the light reaches the desired maximum temperature, turn the light off and the temperature level will be saved.  To disable the thermal protection, turn the light off during the first ~1 second when the light is dim.
  8. Factory reset.  Resets all options to their original states. 

‚ÄčYou can download the Bistro firmware source code here.  (Firmware from this source may be updated from time-to-time and may differ slightly from what you receive on your driver).

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