JAXMAN E2L Triple LED Flashlight Host - Black

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This host is designed to be built into a triple LED light using a 3XP MCPCB and Carclo 105xx series optics.  It has a nice thick aluminum thermal shelf and nice machining and anodizing.  

You must add your own MCPCB/LEDs, driver, and optic---they are not included.

A few things to keep in mind before ordering this host:

  • The pre-drilled wire hole is too small to fit 2x 22AWG silicone wires.  We usually enlarge our hole slightly so they will fit, but you could also go to thinner wires.
  • The tailcap spring is not bypassed and should be bypassed if the light is to be used with any current above approximately 3.5A.  
  • The MCPCB opening is a very round ~20mm:  this means that most 3XP MCPCBs, including the Noctigon 3XP MCPCB, must be sanded in order to fit.
  • You must use the included AR glass lens on top of the Carclo optic.


  • Utilizes a 3XP MCPCB
  • Reverse-clicky Switch
  • Uses 1x 18650 battery 
  • Driver Diameter: 17mm
  • AR Lens
  • MCPCB Diameter: 20mm 3XP
  • Includes Lanyard
  • Diameter: 24mm
  • Length:  119mm
  • Weight: 70g

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