QLITE 6V+ Zener Mod - For 6V MT-G2/XHP

QLITE 6V+ Zener Mod - For 6V MT-G2/XHP
QLITE 6V+ Zener Mod - For 6V MT-G2/XHP QLITE 6V+ Zener Mod - For 6V MT-G2/XHP
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This is the QLITE driver modified to run a 6V MT-G2/XHP50/XHP70 from (2) Li-ion cells in series.  This driver may add 1-10 business days handling time to your order.

  • We can also add 7135 chips to increase driver current. Cost for this service is shown in the pulldown options.  Each added 7135 adds ~0.35A to the output current, so if you want to increase output from 3.04A to around 4A, you would add 3 7135s.  Driver output is tested after adding chips to verify that everything is working correctly.
  • This mod involves adding a zener diode over the input capacitor and replacing the polarity diode with a resistor. The driver will be tested with an MT-G2 to verify output before sending. You will lose reverse polarity protection and low voltage warning,. This is a great mod for those looking to run an MT-G2 or XHP in a smaller light that can only fit 17mm drivers.


*Input voltage: 6-8v (2 lithium ion cells in series)

*Current: 3.04A (unless 7135s added or subtracted)

*Constant current

*PCB diameter: 17mm

*PCB thickness: 1.6mm

*Components height: 4.7mm

*Memory function (sets in after 2 seconds)

*No high pitch noises

*No visible flicker on any mode

*Gold plated spring

*Gold plated contacts

*Copper leads with tinned ends already soldered

*Strobe mode is 10Hz

*Beacon cycle is 2Hz blink for 1 second, 4 seconds light off


Mode groups (default qlite firmware):

1st  Star  : 2% - 25% - 100% (Default)

2nd Star : 5% - 30% - 100% - Strobe - Beacon

3rd  Star : 15% - 100%

4th Star :  5mA - 2% - 25% - 100%


You select mode groups by making electrical contact between the desired star and the outer ring (ground).





7135s Added to Increase Current

Example of Added 7135 Chips



Optional guppydrv Universal Firmware

This firmware allows the ultimate in user customizability, with 22 built-in mode groups, that the user can select via a series of button presses and a user programmable turbo timer (see below for instructions).  


User Selectable Groups:

  1. 2% - 25% - 100% | Memory
  2. 100% - 25% - 2% | No Memory
  3. 2% - 25% - 100% - Strobe - Beacon | Memory
  4. 2% - 25% - 100% - Strobe - Beacon | No Memory
  5. 15% - 100% | Memory
  6. 100% - 15% | No Memory
  7. 100% Only
  8. 100% - Strobe | No Memory
  9. Strobe - 100% | No Memory
  10. ML - 5% - 33% - 100% | Memory
  11. 100% - 33% - 5% - ML | No Memory
  12. ML - 5% - 33% - 100% - Strobe - Beacon | Memory
  13. ML - 5% - 33% - 100% - Strobe - Beacon | No Memory
  14. ML - 100% | No Memory
  15. 100% - ML | No Memory
  16. ML - 100% | Memory
  17. ML - 5% - 15% - 50% - 100% | Memory
  18. ML - 5% - 15% - 50% - 100% | No Memory
  19. 100% - 50% - 15% - 5% - ML | Memory
  20. 100% - 50% - 15% - 5% - ML | No Memory
  21. 2% - 15% - 50% - 100% | Memory
  22. 2% - 15% - 50% - 100% | No Memory

Guppydrv ​Instructions

To switch mode groups: rapidly tap the switch 8 times, the light will then enter the programming mode and begin to flash.  With the light in programming mode, tap the switch the same number of times as your desired mode group.  The light will blink and your mode group will be memorized. 


Example: To select mode group 3, tap the switch 8 times quickly to enter programming mode.  As soon as the light enters programming mode and starts flashing, tap the switch three times (for group 3).  The light will blink to recognize the mode group change.


To set the turbo timer: rapidly tap the switch 8 times, the light will then enter the programming mode and begin to flash.  With the light in programming mode, tap the switch 30 times to enter the turbo timer set mode.  The light will then switch to 100% power.  When the light is at the desired temperature for the turbo step down, turn the light off.  The turbo timer will then be set. Turbo timer drops down to 50% output. 


To lock the mode groups: Solder Star 2 to ground.  The other stars have no function with this firmware. 



Optional STAR Off-Time Firmware

This firmware will allow you to fully customize your light!  Moonlight and mode order are all selectable via solderable stars (see below).

When selecting this option, please define the following in your checkout comments:

  1. Number of light levels:  up to 6 (plus moonlight).
  2. Approximate output levels of each mode.  Example:  (1) 2% - (2) 15% - (3) -  50%  (4) - 100%
  3. Approximate Turbo Timer stepdown time:  15 to 120 seconds.
star open closed (soldered)
2 No Moonlight Level Moonlight
3 ascending mode order (moon)-L/M/H descending mode order H/M/L/(moon)


Off-time changes the way that the memory function works, making it much more intuitive to use.  If "memory" is chosen, one tap will always change modes and switching the light off will always save the last mode used.  If "no memory" is chosen, the light will always switch modes with a single tap, but will return to the first mode after the light has been switched off.  

Because Star 4 is occupied by the capacitor with this firmware, you must choose whether or not you want memory when placing your order. 


Optional NLITE firmware: 

  • With both mode groups, you can choose whether you would like the mode order to ascend or descend, i.e. L-->M-->H (ascending) or H-->M-->L (descending)
  • You can also choose whether or not your would like mode memory.  If you choose "no memory", the light will always start on either low or high (depending on ascending or descending configuration) after being turned off. 

NLITE Turbo Timer:  Same features as normal NLITE firmware but with an automatic step down to medium power after either 90 or 120 seconds.  The user can immediately kick the light back up to high mode if needed.  This is GREAT for the MT-G2 mods and any smaller light pushing a lot of power!  Helps prevent accidental overheating.


3 Modes: Low (5%) - Medium (33%) - High (100%)

4 Modes: Moonlight - Low (5%) - Medium (33%) - High (100%)

star open closed (soldered)
2 3 modes L/M/H 4 modes, additional moon level
3 ascending mode order (moon)/L/M/H descending mode order H/M/L/(moon)
4 mode memory no memory


The standard NLITE firmware is written by BLF forum member DrJones, and is available freely for both personal and commercial use.  You can see the rest of his awesome drivers at his website. 


I used this driver, running 12x7135 for around 4.5A current to build one of my favorite lights; a Noctigon copper mounted MT-G2 in a C12 host

running on (2) Efest 18350 cells.  Over 2000 lumens, great modes, beautiful beam pattern, and great color rendition.  One of my favorites!  
The Convoy M1 host is a great choice for this build.


If you would like to do this modification yourself, you can buy a DIY kit here.

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