Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650

Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650
Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650 Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650 Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650 Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650 Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650 Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650 Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650 Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650 Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650 Noctigon Meteor M43 Flashlight - 12x LED - 4x18650
Brand: Noctigon
Product Code: NOCT-METEOR-M43
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Do you want the ultimate compact powerhouse?  This is it.  There is no other production light (and possibly modified light) that can directly compare with this light.  Available with several different XP-G2 and Nichia emitters, you can choose the perfect emitter for your intended application and taste.  

The light is currently available in white and black body colors (more black are on order). 

Please see this link for the User Manual, which details the extensive user interface options.  Here is an extensive YouTube video showing the user interface. 

Common Questions

  • Does this light come with batteries?
    • No, it does not.  
  • What kind of batteries are supported?
    • Only unprotected button top batteries that are capable of a 10A+ continuous discharge are supported.  Please see the recommended battery list below.  While other batteries may work, these are the only batteries guaranteed to work.
  • My light won't turn on.  I have charged batteries inserted correctly in the light and the button blinks but it won't turn on.  What do I do?
    • This is usually caused by the lock out feature in the firmware.  The light can be locked out to prevent it from accidentally turning on.
      • To disable (or enable) the lock out, click the button 6 times
  • I'm confused by the different LED and tint options.  Which light should I get?
    • While all of the tint and LED options are excellent, there are a few factors that I recommend to guide your decision:
    1. Tint.  Cool white, neutral white, or warm white.  Tint is determined by the color temperature of the LED output, which is measured in units of Kelvin, or K for short.  As the Kelvin number increases, the tint becomes cooler.   In my experience, most people are happy with either the cool white or neutral white options in the Meteor, although some definitely prefer the warmer options.  Many find that the warmer options are easier on the eyes and provide a more soothing beam pattern.  Neutral white is closest to daylight white, while traditional tungsten lightbulbs are generally a very warm light.
    2. Lumens.  This is the overall quantity of light emitted by the light.  This does not determine how far the light will shine.  Generally, the cooler tint LEDs provide slightly more lumens output than the warmer tint LEDs.
    3. Intensity.  This is the measure of how bright the most focused part of the beam is.  This measurement determines the light's "throw", or how far the light beam can shine and still illuminate objects to a certain level.
    4. CRI.  CRI is short for "color rendering index".  It is a quantitative measurement of how faithfully a light source reveals colors of various objects.  The higher the CRI, the more faithfully the light can render color.  Most quality LEDs are in the 65-70 CRI range, while 80+ CRI is generally considered to be "high CRI".  CRI is especially important if the light is to be used for photographic, videographic, or examination purposes where color rendition is crucial.  

Available LED / Tints

  • SST-20 5000K | Neutral White - Balance Option
    • 8200 OTF Lumens | 52,000cd Intensity | 5000K 
  • SST-20 4000K | Neutral/Warm White - Balance Option
    • 5850 OTF Lumens | 28,000cd Intensity | 4000K
  • Nichia 219C 90+ CRI | Neutral White - This is probably the highest output 90+ CRI handheld light in existance!   If color quality is your priority, then this is your light!  
    • Normal 90+ CRI:  6600 OTF Lumens | 30,000cd Intensity | 5000K | 90+ CRI  
  • SST-20 3000K | Neutral/Warm White
    • 5850 OTF Lumens | 28,000cd Intensity | 3000K


  • CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Efficient Carclo Triple LED optics
  • Unihead construction, with anodization removed in areas of peak thermal transfer
  • Massive direct thermal path copper MCPCB with wide and thick 3 oz. traces hosts 12 LEDs
  • Berylium-Copper springs with 45% IACS provide extremely low resistance 
  • User programmable output levels and various customization options
  • Multi-color RGB battery charge level indicator works when the light is on and off
    • When the light is off, the battery indicator can be used as a locating light, beacon, or can be disabled
  • ALPS brand electronic soft touch switch, with a 1,000,000 rated cycle life
  • 4x18650 cells in parallel configuration
  • Thermal output regulation
  • Constant current output boost driver
  • High efficiency, high power converter
  • Made with US, Korean, and Japanese electronic components
  • Waterproof and dustproof to IP67 standard
  • Type III hard anodized surface finish


  • Length: 98mm
  • Head Diameter: 63mm
  • Body Diameter: 50mm
  • Weight (no batteries): 12.7 ounces (~360 grams)


  • Flashlight
  • Holster
  • Spare O-ring
  • Lanyard
  • Paper Copy of User Manual

Recommended Batteries:
***Due to the high current drain this light is capable of, any cells used should be capable of at least 10A continuous current draw***
Batteries must be button top, or have a raised top.   Protected batteries not supported.  Most flat top batteries are too short, even if they have a raised top.

Highest performance on turbo:

Balance between increased runtime and turbo output:

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